Tip of the Month - March 2018 - Using Your Eyes Correctly During the Shot

          When shooting, your eyes will go back and forth between the cue ball and the object ball.  For practice strokes, it is important to check your cueing location on the cue ball and to take an occasional look at the object ball to confirm your aim.  However, don't flash your eyes back and forth too quickly.  It takes at least 3/4 of a second for your eyes to focus sufficiently enough to send a meaningful message to your brain.

          Once finished with your practice strokes, focus only on the object ball throughout the entire shot stroke.  You need that much time to have a good visual on your target before stroking the cue ball.  If your alignment and aim are on target, it will be confirmed and you can stroke the cue ball confidently, freeing your brain to focus on the follow through and speed control.

          Of course, your brain always wants to fine tune your aim during the stroking process, especially if it recognizes a problem.  By focusing on the object ball the entire shot stroke, if your aim is slightly off, your brain will recognize this (subconsciously) and cause you to adjust your motion to correct the problem.  It just needs time to see it.

          Give it a try and good luck!